Workplace consultancy

A supportive and facilitating work environment, that lets an organization and its individuals flourish. That is the goal of proper workplace consultancy.

We facilitate and guide the board and organization through defining their admired work style up to describing the physical, IT and organizational needs to get there.

This is always a search for an oganization-specific path. In which functionality always forms as a solid base for the interior design.

First we develop strategy, vision and ambitions.. secondly we describe the desired way of working. This, translated into functional space requirements is the backbone of the design.

Mastering the design process: bringing concepts alive.

2-visual ontwerp kl

With a clear conceptual programme and functional description all the way through a creative and efficient designing process.
We design, we create, we imagine, we dream and we visualize.
Also we offer support to our clients in their commissioning role towards other designers.
Well managed, within time and budget frames. Always with the attention to balancing between functionality and aesthetics. With commitment.