A new office, from idea to realization

It is ready! The new head office of a worldwide high tech company in Helmond.

From the first exploring meetings to the actual occupied and operational new building, I have guided the board and a project team through the process of:

  • Defining the vision on the future working style
  • Translating this into ambitions
  • Translate these into functional, esthetical, IT, and organizational requirements
  • Describing the space requirements for the architect and interior architect
  • To monitor and judge both the architectural designs
  • Workshops concerning the changes needed to manage the new way of working

And execute the projectmanagement for the realization of the interior, as well as the moving of the employees to their new working environment.

A project to be proud of and so I am!


Realizing: preparation, purchasing process and building.

3-visual uitvoering klBy proper project management and putting a qualified team together if necessary, we realize the design according to the described specifications. This includes finding the optimal solutions between time, money, and quality. With a special focus on executing the design within the functional and conceptual starting points. With consistency.