Masterclass ‘workplace concept developing’ 

Learn how to

  • organize a projectteam
  • develop the projectplan
  • define the steps from ideas to realization
  • guide an organization through making choices
  • develop a full, bespoke workplace concept

Duration: 2 days

There is room for bringing in your own casus.

Minimum number of participants: 4

Dates and locations: to deliberate.

For prizes and more information please contact Ira de Jong:


Workstyle strategy and concepting: turning abstract ideas into clear concepts.

1-visual idee klWe guide your team with full engagement and participation of all team members through the ambition, information and definition phase.
By professional facilitation and excellent visualization skills.
With the focus on why, how, what. To move efficiently from an idea to a concept.
Keeping the strategic horizon in mind, constantly.
With tangible results. With enthusiasm. With knowledge and experience.